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Vision and Mission

Join the world’s first and only business amplifier. A super mastermind.

Install our CAMR CEO/Founder’s Operating Model to unleash predictable growth, reduce pressure, eliminate nonsense, and stop living a stressful life.

Strategic CLARITY

We deliver clarity, execution support, and capital financing.


The world’s highest business and high-performers demand the best, and our accountability process and tools keep you sharp at the highest level of business and human performance.


We’ll help you install our CAMR CEO/Founder’s Operating Model to deliver unstoppable momentum.

Predictable RESULTS

The multi-million-dollar
Profit & Digital Acceleration Software™ tool unlocks hidden breakthroughs and coupled with our proven step-by-step business system, drives consistent results.

The operational processes are what drives the business


A world where business failure does not exist, teams are happy and fulfilled, and growth is steady and predictable, no matter the economic cycle.

We desire a world where corporate leaders and entrepreneurs don’t have to live stressful lives.

Primary Mission

Create the best business results system in the world to enable our Resultants to help companies globally, in all industries, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar brands. Our tools and software are that good across 140+ industries and are only available exclusively.

Secondary Mission

Enable our Resultants to experience their own financial and time freedom while making a lasting impact in the world by solving a critical business need, which is grossly underserved

Our goal is straightforward… to help serious business owners, CEOs, start-ups, and business leaders generate more clients, close more sales and increase their overall revenue and profits… quickly and inexpensively.

During our careers from start-up to Fortune 500, and especially during 2020, when we completed our Exec MBA from a top global school, we realized a significant market gap exists. Taking our Exec MBA finally enabled us to recognize that top-level marketing, sales, and strategy development tools never make it to 6, 7 and even most 8-figure businesses. They could never afford it.

With over two decades of experience and as executives since 2010 in Fortune 500 organizations, and most recently as a CEO of a 8 and 9-figure business, we have witnessed a number of our entrepreneurial friends and colleagues start and lead great companies but then hit a certain level of success and then get stuck.

They know in their heart their business is capable of more, and have many ideas but don’t have the tools to assess which strategic direction or marketing and sales tactics will be best.

CEO MasterMind™ brand ecosystem is geared for those running businesses and know in their heart; their business is capable of more.

Using tools often limited to Fortune 500 companies or high-cost consultancies, the CEO MasterMind™ brand allows small/medium businesses (mid-market companies with less than 1,000 employees) to scale like a Fortune 500 to achieve their full potential.

If you’re interested in adding an extra $500,000 to your bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months… without selling more time for money… then we can help you.

We specialize in finance, sales, operations, talent optimization, and marketing for 6-9 figure businesses. Over the years, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing businesses in the type of volatile economy we have today.

Our experiences have helped us develop the skills to quickly and effectively teach business owners and leaders how to successfully apply the right strategies in the proper order, allowing them to grow their businesses to their maximum capacity.

Our team has spent more than ten years and $2 million developing the world’s first E-Learning Marketing System – currently being used by over 5,000 business clients in 50 countries around the world to grow their business to multi-million dollar status and beyond.

It’s considered by many of the world’s top business professionals to be the most powerful client attraction program available anywhere today.

We have an exceptional talent for helping business owners create competition-crushing marketing. We begin this process by exposing the flaws in marketing that almost all business owners fall prey to and explain why these flaws stifle the growth of all business owners today.

In addition, our team has developed numerous training programs for business owners who prefer a do-it-yourself model. Each video lesson provides a step-by-step approach that enables any business to instantly produce more leads, close more sales and see a dramatic increase in revenue and profits.

Our business growth model is perfectly positioned to help business owners realize their dream of creating their own multi-million dollar business that feeds their passion for achieving personal, financial and professional freedom.

We’ll Find $100K+ In Lost Profits, Without Spending A Dime, In 30 Mins or We’ll Give You $2,000

Join other 7-9 figure business leaders who are scaling effortlessly in tough economies,
maximizing profit, while building happy teams to operate it all

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