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DNA-based Coaching

Comprehensive DNA Testing Guided by Davide Viola

A comprehensive DNA scan can reveal hidden health problems and provide vital insights on how to improve your health.

Partnering with a World Class DNA Testing Facility

Davide Viola has partnered with The DNA Company, a leader in DNA testing and research.

After performing the largest genomic consultation study of its kind, The DNA Company analyzed over 4.7 billion data points. Using these data points The DNA Company was able to build a state-of-the-art health scanning AI. The AI is capable of identifying hidden health issues that often go undetected.

Health practitioners around the country rely on The DNA Company to provide accurate and in-depth DNA insights to help guide their patients to better health. The DNA Company’s test paired with its DNA 360 Report offer consumers unparalleled insights into their DNA and its nuances.

The DNA Company worked closely with world-renowned Dr. BJ Fogg from Stanford University to develop it’s 360 DNA Reports. The DNA Company operates under CLIA Lab Certification and is HIPAA compliant.

The Most Advanced DNA Test Available on the Market

Proprietary AI Scanning 4.7 billion Data Points to Uncover Hidden Health Issues

The DNA Company’s DNA testing and reports offer consumers a way to see their DNA data in incredible detail. Each DNA test comes with a full 360 Report that includes 38 individual insight reports.

These reports help you understand exactly how your DNA impacts your hormones, sleep, cardiovascular health, immunity and more. The actionable insights outlined in the 360 Report allow anyone to understand their DNA and make the necessary adjustments in diet and lifestyle to optimize for better health.


Your DNA 360 Review Includes:

Decode your genes to find out exactly what diet, lifestyle andenvironment choices can improve your health






Scan Your DNA to Uncover the
Health Issues You Care Most About

Here’s an alphabetical list of the top 44 health issues that our DNA 360 Report is able to offer insights on.

The truth is: Your DNA determines nearly everything that you currently experience and may encounter in the future.

6 Systems | 38 Reports


Join the 5,000+ executives, professional athletes and biohackers who have participated in our human optimization program, now re-imagined through 6 self directed, core system reports. Unlock your genetic potential for work, play and wellness.

Cardiovascular Reports

Diet + Nutrition Reports

Mood + Behavior Reports


Hormones + Fitness Reports

Immunity + Detox Reports

Understanding Aging and Disease From a New Perspective

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What Doctors Are Saying?

“The DNA Company reports are also very concise and to the point. Clinically I didn't find the value of looking at hundreds of SNPs that we don't have a hope of influencing. I would much rather look at the DNA Company report andcorrelate with other testing and their history to see where we can actually shift a person's health in the right direction. By strategically looking at genetic variables we can influence, we give the body a tremendous tool that it can use to start fixing itself.”

Dr Jared Seigler DC, CFMP, CGP The Living Proof Institute

“Over the past two years, functional genomics has added tremendous value to my practice and my clients’ lives. I have been able to strategically formulate recommendations for my clients around nutrition, lifestyle and targeted nutrient therapy. This test compliments the work I have been doing for years by taking away the guesswork and helping me create a more personalized long-term approach for health optimization.”

Michelle Rogers, ND, MSAOM, FDN-P The WELLthy Woman | FUNCTIONAL HEALTH

“I've defined my practice by seeking out, studying, and implementing the most well-researched natural approaches to optimal health and vitality. As a tool in the pursuit of optimizing human health and performance, the genetic tests and interpretations of the DNA Company are world class.”

Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE | NYT Bestselling Author

Your Own Unique Supplement Built Using Your DNA Test Results

Imagine taking thousands of data points on your DNA and using them to create the perfect supplement that allows you to address your body’s unique issues. In collaboration with Dr Tankia Michaels, The DNA Company is proud to announce that we are now offering exactly that. Stop taking generic low-quality supplements and address your body’s unique health needs with a one-of-a-kind supplement built just for you.


Order your comprehensive DNA test and receive your 360 Report


Order your personalized supplements using your 360 Report

Explore Coaching Programs

Reach peak health by getting support from The DNA Company’s world-class coaching programs. A dedicated clinician will review your DNA 360 Report test results with you, answer questions, and build an individualized health plan tailored to your unique DNA.

Genomic Discovery Led by Concierge Health Coach

This nine week program is guided by an expert health coach. Your dedicated health coach will help you understand your report, answer questions, build a health plan, help you stay accountable, and most importantly support you through your entire health transformation.

Your dedicated health coach provides you true human support every step of the way during your health journey.

Genomic Mastery Led by Clinical Health Professional

This 3 month program is the ultimate health optimization experience. 

Get access to an exclusive team of world-class clinicians that will do a full audit of your diet, nutrition, lifestyle, home and work environment to diagnose everything that could be possibly hurting your health. 

This truly one of a kind custom program is designed for health enthusiasts, executives, biohackers, and clinicians who want access to the best health optimization services available.

Don’t leave your health to chance

Scan your DNA to uncover vital health information that can help guide you in making smarter decisions that lead to a longer and healthier life.

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